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Friday, June 14, 2013

EMS Stress And Fatigue

EMS stress and fatigue is the topic of today.

Hello my friend.  Hope you are well, and ready to enjoy your Summer, fo sho.

I gotta challenge for you!  So read on, and take the challenge, if you are up to it!

A major symptom of stress in the Emergency Field among EMT's, Firefighters, Paramedics, and Police Officers is fatigue.  This type of stress is developed primarily because of long, busy hours, and physical strain on the body due to these hours.

When we have physical stress it can easily result in fatigue.

How are you feeling?  Are you feeling full of energy or extremely fatigued?

If you are full of energy; Awesome!  If you are constantly fatigued, I would like to suggest a few remedies, and one challenge, if you are so willing to resolve this issue.

The opposite of fatigue is energy, right?  So in order to eliminate fatigue one must create energy, and if one is fatigued often, one can create habits to his or her best ability to sustain constant energy.

Okay, we know we are gonna be tired from long and busy shifts; that's a given.  Some things that increase the being tired factor are eating crap, being out of shape, and having a very negative attitude.

Therefore, to increase energy, the opposite of fatigue, we can eat healthy nutritious foods that provide vitamins, and minerals.  In addition, we can exercise vigorously often, and create a positive attitude, which happens to make us feel good, and when we feel good, we create energy.

Basic Stress Management my friend.

We know all of this, don't we?  Then why am I blogging about it?  I am blogging about it because it is my hope for you, if you are fatigued, that you consider your unhealthy habits.  It is also my hope that you consider what your habits are telling you.

What are your unhealthy habits telling you?  And...what are your unhealthy habits going to provide for the future of your well being as you age?

Just some things to think about to destress if you are in the Emergency Field.

So here is the challenge...

Pick one thing, just one habit, that is draining your energy and turn it around.  What I am talking about is start to exercise if you do not, or eliminate fast food if you eat it all the time, or eat better foods if you eat like poo poo, or create a positive attitude if you got a negative one.

That's it!  That is the challenge.  Take one thing, one weakness, within your habits that is draining your fatigue and turn it around.  If you are brave enough, when you conquer that unhealthy habit, start on another one, and change that one too.






I know, I know, I am always talking about making weak things strong.  Making weak things strong is how we destress.  

If you have read my book, EMS STRESS, the only thing I really discuss is destressing yourself by making weak things strong.

Even in my last post, EMS Stress Relief Techniques, I discuss making weak things strong so that we can decrease stress and increase success.

That's all I got for EMS stress and fatigue.

Have a great weekend...


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