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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Setting a Specific Goal; The First Step

Well, have you set a specific goal yet? Have you made a New Years Resolution? This goal can be big or small but in order to move forward you must set a goal.

A small goal would be to quit smoking, loose weight, manage your anger, or make more money. It could be to manage your stress, learn to relax, feel more gratitude, feel more love, create more organization, or just to release worry.

Other goals you may consider are to exercise more, eat right, get healthier, sleep better, improve your relationships, or get another job or career.

Maybe you would like a bigger goal. When I think of big goals I think of creating your dream life. When we create our dream life I like to say we are making our own miracles. The reason I call them miracles is because when we think about our dream life we always wish and think, “some day.” But if you dream and then evolve your thoughts, feelings, and actions, towards creating and then living your dream life it is a miracle.

The reason it is a miracle is because when we just dream, we don’t believe it is possible, and when it comes true, it is a miracle. A miracle because we didn’t believe it would ever happen and it is happening.

This is my hope for you. My hope is that you will dream, dream big, make it specific, and then I will help you evolve your thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you may create your miracle. Evolve your thoughts into believing that it is possible, evolve your feelings into faith in yourself, and then evolve your actions to move towards your miracle while increasing your speed because of your enthusiasm.

I know the power you have within you. I know because I have seen it over and over, time and time again. I have seen extremely stressed out people become destressed and create their own miracles.

Now, dream big, make it specific, and let us embark on a journey of making miracles. You can do it! Right now! Write it down and make it specific. This is going to be awesome!

Remember, if we do not set goals to improve our life then we are in the constant state of going nowhere. When we are in the constant state of going nowhere we remain in the same ole life and then life just gets more difficult. Let us look towards the life we dream of by setting goals.

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