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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Six Signs of Stress in an EMT

Signs of stress in an EMT is what I would like to write about this day...

Hey, hey, how are you this wonderful day?  Tomorrow is Friday, but if you are in the Emergency Field that doesn't matter to you now does it?  Most people who work in the Emergency Arena work twenty four hours a day, and ten days a month, or twelve hours a day, three days one week, and four days the next.  Often times when you have a rotating schedule, you do not get holidays or weekends off when you want them.

Stress in the EMS is huge, I know, I worked in the Emergency Medical Field for twenty years, and now I help First Responders with their stress.  I also help Military Personnel with their anxiety and stress. 

My goal in this post is to encourage anyone, literally anyone, to seek help for their stress if you have one of the six signs of stress, as follows.

1. Addiction is reaching for something that we think will make us feel better but usually doesn't, something that we cannot quit, and normally has a very negative impact on our life.

2.  Anger is based on fear of not getting our way.  I know that sounds harsh but think of the last time you were angry.  It was probably a situation that happened one way, and you were angry because you believe it should have happened another way, your way.

3.  Anxiety is an enhanced state of worry about something, usually about the future.

4.  Depression is sadness about our life, and how it should be better because we are focusing on what is wrong, and what we don't have.

5.  Fatigue comes from physical stress, and mental stress.  When we overwork our body, and we have a super negative mind set, we become drained of our energy.

6.  Pessimism is displayed through a negative thought process, which causes stress because it is followed by negative emotions, and then negative actions.

If you have one of the above it is very important to seek help from someone who specializes in the Emergency Field, and has a high success rate.  Why is it important?  It is important because you are important, and if you don't do something about the stressful sign, it will become who you are.  The stressful sign that you experience will become part of your personality, if it is not already.

These are not necessarily Symptoms but they are definitely signs because you may not see them but others can.

Seek help my friend, and you will be able to enjoy you, and others more.

I would love to write solutions but instead I will provide you a copy of my EMS Stress Book for FREE...

EMS STRESS: EMT & Paramedic Basic Stress ManagementThis book is free for one day only, December 13, 2013, Friday the thirteenth, how funny is that?

If you are having a hard time financially, with work, with relationships, with sleeping, with your partner, with your anger, with your anxiety, with your addiction, with your depression, with your fatigue, or with your attitude, click the picture and download the EMS Stress Book for free.

If you want to feel happiness, joy, and laughter, then seek help, or start with the EMS Stress Book.

Have a great day, weekend, and holiday.

Merry Christmas...


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