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Friday, May 31, 2013

Serious Stress In The EMS

Serious Stress in the EMS is what I wanna discuss today.

Serious Stress can easily be defined as the kind of stress that truly affects your state of happiness.  What causes the stress, in my opinion, might not be as important as what sustains it.

Stress is strain.  So, serious stress is a constant strain that affects the happiness of the being. 

The most common kinds of stress in the EMS, that I have seen, are usually sustained by addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, debt, and withdrawal.

All of these mentioned are not necessarily what has caused the stress, but they certainly can be blamed for sustaining a stressful life style.

Please let me explain.

When we feel unhappy, underpressure, or full of stress, it is very natural to reach for something that makes us feel better, and often times we reach for things that are not good for us.  When we reach for things that are not good for us, too often, we sustain a lifestyle full of stress.

Addiction to unhealthy things like alcohol, cigarettes, drama, drugs, negative emotions, and unhealthy foods develop stress.

How do these addictions design stress?  They establish stress because they cause mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual strain.

How are drama and negative emotions addictions?  Well, Freud stated that addictions are long-term self-harming behavior therefore, drama and negative emotions are, or can be, long-term self-harming behaviors.  I would like to add a little of my opinion to Freud's definition, and I would add that addictions are things that we 'believe' we cannot quit. 

I do believe, with all my heart and soul, that addictions are things that we 'believe' we cannot quit. 

We can be addicted to people, places, and things; good or bad for us.  We can be addicted to emotions; good or bad for us.  We can be addicted to anything; good or bad for us.

If we are guided by my definition of addiction then all addictions wouldn't be negative.

Anywho... a little tangent there.

What I am trying to say here is that serious stress in the EMS is sustained by things we reach for to make us feel better, and if we are reaching for things that are unhealthy for us, we can certainly destress our lives by replacing them with healthier things.  

Consider destressing yourself by replacing unhealthy addictions with healthier ones like exercise, eating right, and getting sleep the exact same hours every night (the days you are off anyway). 

Consider destressing yourself by eliminating your anger, anxiety, or depression (if you have it) with happiness by doing things you love and consciously practicing the opposite emotion.  The opposite of anger is peace, the opposite of anxiety is calm, and the opposite of depression is happiness.  I believe with all my heart and soul that we can eliminate any negative emotion with practicing the opposite.  How do I know?  I have help thousands of people do it.

Consider destressing yourself by removing your debt (if you have it), and create abundance, and prosperity.

Finally, consider destressing yourself by overcoming withdrawal from the world.  So many Medics, Firefighters, and Police Officers tend to withdrawal from others.  They tend to spend their days alone, or they tend to spend their days in the house, believe it or not.  If this is something you do, please consider getting yourself out to do things you enjoy.  If you cannot get yourself to leave the house to do things you enjoy, you may want to see your doctor about depression.

Just some things that you may want to think about, if you believe you have serious stress and you are in the Emergency Field.

Have a great day...


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