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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Destress for the EMS

One of the most common symptoms of stress among the emergency service, besides denial, is unhappiness. There are fire fighters, paramedics, police officers, and EMT's that are truly unhappy.

What is the cause of this unhappiness? For everyone there is something different and for the emergency field it comes and goes in phases. It may be caused by problems at home, problems at work, or it may be caused from a past critical incident.

If you are unhappy something must be done because life is full of joy. Many emergency personnel enjoy life but there are those times that are just overwhelming and then we get stuck in that rut.

So what can one do? We can learn to destress which really means to create a stress free life. One must evaluate where the stress is coming from and then search for the solution.

One of the things I propose is never ending goal setting. What I mean by this is, pinpoint the problem and then work on the solution. The solution is your goal. If you have money problems then the goal is to solve it. If you have health problems then the goal is to solve it. If you have relationship problems then the goal is to solve it.

Often times we know how to solve our problems and the only reason we don't work towards solving them is because we do not focus on it. In other words, we do not set a goal to focus on it.

Spend time on yourself and set goals to solve your stress and if you need help seek it.

Don't forget to have fun and be playful because it is in your nature.